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Dare You Be Different - (1)


This vintage ad print belongs to the 1970s and was an advertisement for Suntory's Royal Whisky under the "Dare You Be Different Campaign" that was rolled out for the US.


The text reads: 

"No villain can match the youthful Kabuki character with his great sword and chilling cry - Shibaraku!⁠

One of the eighteen favorite Kabuki plays, Shibaraku never fails to please audiences. Another sure crowd pleaser is Suntory Royal Whisky. It's light as a great Scotch, mellow as a distinctive Bourbon, yet different!⁠

For years, incredibly smooth Suntory has been the best selling whisky in Japan. 

Now, this supreme whisky is a soaring success in the United States. Straight, on-the-rocks, or mixed, serving Suntory is an entertaining idea! Suntory, the classic whisky from Japan."⁠