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The Macallan - The Malt: Selecting a Vintage 50ml Miniature; “The Definitive Guide To Buying Vintage Macallan”

A quick summary of the Vintage Macallan 50ml Bottles on offer in this Guide







0 – 20


Light fruits (apples & lemons), hints of dried fruits, vanilla, toffee sweetness, subtle wood, light spices.



21 – 40


Dried and fresh fruits (apples & oranges), toffee/fudge sweetness, some richer spices and good wood.


41 – 60


Clear orange citrus, rich dried fruits (raisins, dates), darker toffee. strong wood, spices — cloves, ginger.



61 – 80


Robust orange, dried fruits, treacle toffee, clear dove spices, wood maturity delivers a drying aftertaste.



81 – 100


Massive spice. dried fruits, woody, treacle toffee, citrus orange—finish is everlasting.




Written by David Robertson


The text is an excerpt from "The Definitive Guide to Buying Vintage Macallan" (pp. 28), First Edition, published 2003 by Macallan Distillery Ltd.