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The Macallan - The Malt: Page Reference Guide; “The Definitive Guide To Buying Vintage Macallan”

A quick page reference Guide to Vintage Macallan

CASK TYPE I This describes the type and size of cask in which the whisky slept during its maturation. A sherry butt can hold 500 bulk litres of spirit while a sherry hogshead, half its size, can hold 250. This whisky is traditionally filled to cask at 63.4% alcohol by volume (abv).

CASK No I The numbered cask from which the whisky was drawn.

NOSE I This describes the prominent aromas that can be identified when one smells the whisky. Some 70% of flavour is down to its smell/nose.

PALATE I This describes the flavours that are recognised in the mouth when drinking whisky.

FINISH I This describes the way the whisky feels in the mouth and how long the sensation lingers.

STRENGTH I The strength of whisky is measured by the % of alcohol relative to water or alcohol by volume (abv).

FLAVOUR PROFILE I The Spider Diagram graphically illustrates the flavours, and their respective intensity, that are prevalent within the whisky, on a scale of 0 (flavour is not present) to 5 (dominant within the whisky). This is our sensory fingerprint.

COLOUR I The visual colour of the whisky is described in terms of various wood species.

TINT I The tint value is derived from shining a beam of light through the whisky to measure colour scientifically

YEAR BOTTLED I The date the whisky was originally bottled from cask.

AGE OF WHISKY I The age of the whisky when bottled from cask.

PRICE I Prices are stated in pounds sterling (£) per 700ml bottle, 750ml bottle and 50ml miniature. These prices are applicable to orders supplied direct from the distillery. For terms and conditions of purchase see page 109.

TOTAL OUTTURN I This is the total amount of whisky available, expressed in 700ml bottle equivalents (Bottle Eq.).


Written by Brian Henningan


The text is an excerpt from "The Definitive Guide to Buying Vintage Macallan" (pp. 31), First Edition, published 2003 by Macallan Distillery Ltd.