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Velier Joins The Chichibu Party!


Chichibu single casks have been the obsession of many Japanese whisky collections and fans for the better part of the last decade, and now Velier is tossing its name into the hat and giving folks one more label to go gaga over.

Famed Italian co-bottler, distributor and importer, is bottling its first ever Chichibu whisky (and perhaps even its first ever Japanese whisky!). This will be a single cask #11037 that was distilled in 2014 and bottled in 2022, making it 8 years old. It was finished in a beer cask as well, and bottled at 61.3% ABV.

What's interesting for Chichibu fans here is that in classic Velier fashion, we're getting loads of details on the label - Mizunara washback, manual mashin, long fermentation, the distillation setup and even the angel's share. It may not be anything we don't already know about Chichibu, but still is pretty unique to see on a label.

This bottling appears to be part of an "Elements" series, and thus represents Earth, with additional aspects such as Flora, Water, Air and Fire stated on the bottom left of the label as well.




88 Bamboo Editorial Team