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Two Lucky Cats Hana & Choco From Mars For The New Year


Japanese whisky staple Mars has a new set of Lucky Cats for us - Hana & Choco. 

The Lucky Cat series is a beloved ongoing series that features the various cats belonging to the family behind Hombo Shuzo, Mars' company, and also serves as a canvas that allows fans to experience the blending abilities applied onto world whiskies by the Mars whisky team.

This time, we're getting a Lucky Cat Double Individuals featuring two cats that we've previously seen before - Hana, a female cat who is "quiet and gentle", and Choco, also a female cat that is said to have a "curious and tomboyish personality".

We previously saw Hana featured on a malt and grain whisky blend that was finished in Oloroso Sherry wood, while Choco was featured on a world whisky blend (also malt and grain) that was finished in Port barrels.



88 Bamboo Editorial Team