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Springbank Is Counting Stars With Countdown Collection No. 2


The countdown is on with Springbank looking towards its 200th Anniversary. The beloved Campbeltown Scotch distiller had first kicked off its Countdown Collection in 2023, with a 27 year old expression, and had outlined an annual release leading up until 2028, which marks its 200th Anniversary. That's a total of 5 releases that will form this collection of the ages.

Now in its second release, we're seeing a 26 Year Old expression that comes from three refill Bourbon hogsheads, bottled at 51.2% ABV.

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Official Tasting Notes

Aroma: Rich and fruity with a syrupy quality.  Aromas of Nectarines, key lime pie and pineapple juice are complimented with subtle background notes of marzipan and coconut.

Taste: A creamy and oily mouthfeel. The vibrant fruits from the nose continue alongside citrus notes, ginger, sesame oil, brazil and pistachio nuts.  The Springbank dunnage style emerges at the end with hints of earth and soot.

Finish: The coastal influence is prominent, with ripe banana, crisp green apples and coconut flavours accompanying notes of oak, banana bread and liquorice to round off this refined and perfectly balanced whisky.


This year, there'll be some changes to the ballot process - so listen up! This time it'll be a ballot entry form on the Springbank website with no requirement for payment information.

The ballot will go live from 8th March 12 PM (GMT) - 12th March 12 PM (GMT).

The results will be announced within 24 hours of the ballot's closure, where winners will be contacted to be informed of the outcome of their ballot entry.




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