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New Cocktail Bar Rating Guide 'The Pinnacle Guide' Aims to Set Global Standards



In an exciting development for the global bar scene, the creators of The Pinnacle Guide have announced the launch of a comprehensive rating guide for cocktail bars worldwide. Following the success of industry benchmarks from other industries, this new guide introduces a familiar 1, 2, or 3-PIN classification system to distinguish bars for their quality and service. 

Bars from Singapore may now apply through the guide's website, www.thepinnacleguide.com. Establishments from other countries are encouraged to register their interest, influencing the guide's future expansion. The rating system consists of rigorous assessment modules, and a series of anonymous reviews.

The founders of The Pinnacle Guide are Siobhan Payne and Hannah Sharman-Cox, known for creating London Cocktail Week, and Dan Dove, founder of Global Bartending. The founders have emphasized fairness and transparency in their approach. This philosophy is reflected in the guide's diverse evaluation criteria, which go beyond just the quality of drinks. Factors such as atmosphere, customer satisfaction, sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are all considered in the rating process. Assessment modules include front of house (processes, thoughtful touches), the drinks program (menu concept and coherence, ingredients, presentation), the venue look and feel (atmosphere, comfort, design), staff management (diversity, equity, inclusion), operations (efficiency, cleanliness, sustainability), and community (inclusiveness, responsible drinking).



The self-nomination procedure allows bars to highlight their unique attributes and operational excellence. The guide also aims to provide constructive feedback, encouraging bars to reflect on potential areas for improvement. This process is not just about awarding the best; it's about elevating the entire industry.

The assessment team comprises industry experts, renowned mixologists, and discerning bar enthusiasts, ensuring an unbiased and thorough review process. The Pinnacle Guide began with an extensive eighteen-month consultancy phase, incorporating feedback from hospitality industry leaders globally. This inclusive approach is pivotal to the guide's mission.

Finally, 1 pin will be awarded to 'Excellent', 2 pins to 'Outstanding' and 3 pins to 'Exceptional' cocktail bars.

In a joint statement, founders Hannah, Siobhan, and Dan expressed their excitement: "Our vision for The Pinnacle Guide has always been to celebrate the artistry and dedication of bars and bartenders globally. Through our PIN rating system, we aim to identify and showcase the most exceptional destinations for drinking cocktails (both alcoholic and non alcoholic). Submissions for The Pinnacle Guide are an unparalleled opportunity for bars and bartenders to gain widespread recognition and attract a global clientele. We are hugely excited that applications are now open for bars to put their best foot forward."

For more information about The Pinnacle Guide and its recognition system, please visit their website. 


88 Bamboo Editorial Team