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La Maison Du Whisky Launches Inaugural Top-Of-Line Neisson Zetwal Rhum In Singapore


(Source: Weixiang Liu)


Leading spirits retailer La Maison du Whisky has just announced the launch of the anticipated Neisson Zetwal top end expression in the Singapore market.

"Zetwal" is the Martinique Creole word for "star", a reference to the blend of prized vintage rhums from the 2000, 2005, 2012 and 2013 vintages that have been serving as reserves for the Neisson Distillery's most exclusive Armada collection. 

The goal of this expression is to showcase the best of Neisson's rhums, and just as importantly highlight Neisson's expertise in blending and cask management.


Gregory Vernant, the owner of Neisson speaking about the process of creating the Zetwal. (Source: Weixiang Liu)


The new expression will be housed in a magnificent crystalline bottle designed by Sebastian Schalchli of Le Secret Magnifique design agency and is manufactured by Portuguese crystal maker Vista Alegre. It will also come in a wooden box from Jura. 

The component rhums used to create the expression were distilled from Neisson’s savalle creole column still – the inaugural release is bottled in 2023 at 49.4% ABV and limited to 250 bottles only. However this is slated to be an annual release. 

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Official Tasting Notes

Fine, fresh. At first sniff, a lovely apricot and peppery sequence foreshadows a very elegant aromatic palette. With aeration, exotic fruits (banana, guava) and candied ginger mingle with enchanting scents of geranium flower, old rose, and red fruits (currant, raspberry).
Lively, refined. Finely licorice and honeyed (lavender), the mouth attack quickly evolves towards citrus flavors (orange, grapefruit) of great purity of expression. Covered with a layer of salted butter caramel, the mid-palate is an invitation to savor a delicious warm sugarcane.
Long, balanced. Fibrous (sugarcane), the start of the finish is solar. Candied apricots, quince jelly, mango coulis, and flambéed bananas contribute to a delicately nuanced aftertaste, magnified by a suave and powdery mouthfeel.


The inaugural release would retail in Singapore at S$$2,800.00 and can now be acquired at La Maison du Whisky's official site.


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