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Korea's Three Societies Completes Final Edition In Inaugural Ki One Series With New Ki One Eagle

 (Image Source: Three Societies Distillery)


Korea's Three Societies Distillery, founded by the charismatic Bryan Do, has released the last of the trio that forms the distillery's inaugural Ki One series - the Ki One Eagle Edition.

Together the three releases - the Tiger, the Unicorn, and the Eagle, represent the multi-cultural team behind Three Societies Distillery.


The Three Societies Distillery is located in Korea's hilly Namyangju region. (Image Source: Three Societies)


The three inaugural releases also seek to show the effects of Korea's climate on the evolution of the maturing Korean whiskies.


(Image Source: Three Societies)


"The Eagle edition is the last whisky impression of the Society Collection and symbolizes the representative animal of the United States of America.

Most of the wood we mature our whisky in, is from the USA, from our Kentucky made virgin oak to the once filled bourbon oak barrels. And what better way to showcase the Eagle edition by finishing the maturation off in an American first filled bourbon cask!"


The Ki One Eagle Edition was distilled in 2020 and bottled in 2022, matured in first filled bourbon casks, and bottled at cask strength of 56.6% ABV.


(Image Source: Three Societies)


Official Tasting Notes


Sweet oak with summer fruits.


Sweet vanilla, barley sugar, banana, sultanas, apples and peaches.


Long lingering spices give way to rich toffee and a forest.


Korea's First Single Malt: Three Societies Distillery – 88 Bamboo

Three Societies Distillery's charismatic founder, Bryan Do. (Image Source: Three Societies)


Our Take

We're big fans of Three Societies' whiskies, to say the least. While young, they demonstrate great force, serious flavor and yet remain balanced and highly approachable. Certainly one to watch in the coming years; after all, Bryan Do, the founder of Three Societies Distillery, has some real know-how when it comes to creating great alcohol, having successful grown a craft beer brewery in Korea, with an amazing story to tell. Who else's dad would advise their son to go off and chase his dreams and leave behind a high paying job in tech, with the line "Why are you making the richest man on Earth richer? Make yourself rich."

We've been ardent followers of Three Societies' releases till date, you can check out what we thought of their inaugural releases, the Ki One Tiger and Ki One Unicorn.