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Glenfiddich's Time Re:Imagined Collection To Feature Set Of 30 Year, 40 Year and 50 Year Scotch

(Image Source: Glenfiddich)

Glenfiddich's new Time Re:Imagined collection will feature a set of three Scotch's: a 30 Year Old "Suspended Time", a 40 Year Old "Cumulative Time", and a 50 Year Old "Simultaneous Time", each being presented in a unique packaging designed to evoke an aspect of time.


"In whisky production, we often talk about the role of malt masters and it is our responsibility to find the delicate balance between the taste of the whisky and the intensity of the oak cask. But we don’t always acknowledge how each cask, each bottle, is absolutely unique because of the time it has spent maturing,

Both nature and time play huge roles in making whisky taste like it does… Glenfiddich’s Time Re:Imagined pays homage to this process and the exquisite liquid it helps to create."

- Brian Kinsman, Malt Master at Glenfiddich


Glenfiddich 30 Year Old / Suspended Time / Re-imagined Time Series

(Image Source: TWE)


The 30 Year Old expression, named Suspended Time, symbolises the moment a master distiller deems the whisky ready to be bottled, at which point the maturation process is suspended. Its packaging embodies the concept with moving ribbons that form cut-out windows, showing a decanter suspended within. It is described as "deep, woody flavors interlaced with delicate floral accents, in a complex combination". It is bottled at 43% ABV and has an RRP of 930 GBP.

The 40 Year Old expression, Cumulative Time, follows the process of remnant vatting, a technique where the remains of a previous batch of whisky is carried over and married with new casks selected for the next release. The packaging is based on geological metamorphosis and made of jesmonite, to create a stone-line appearance. 

‘Luxuriously full and silky smooth… with memories of past releases in every nuanced note. Evolving  from deep dried fruit notes to rich fruitcake, dates, raisins and stewed apples, before giving way to dry oaky notes, with subtle hints of bitter chocolate and peat.’ It carries a 44.6% ABV and an RRP of 3,500 GBP.

The oldest expression, the 50 Year Old Simultaneous Time, is a blend of whiskies from three different American oak casks matured in the same warehouse, which were then blended and finished in American oak for two years. The packaging is themed by the simultaneous factors that affect the maturation process in the cask, such as the climate conditions of air pressure, temperature and humidity. The design was created by computation designer, Manuel Jiménez García, who decrypted meteorological data from the past 50 years into an algorithm which was used to generate the design of the packaging.

Its palate is described as "softening into deep, silky smooth oak tannin and sun-dried vanilla", and carried a 43.8% ABV, with an RRP of 35,000 GBP.