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Foursquare Absolutio Adds To Velier Collaboration - 10 Years Ex-Bourbon & 5 Years Ex-Port


Joining the incredibly popular Foursquare-Velier collaboration series is the new Foursquare Absolutio - a 12 Year Old Double Maturation Single Blended Rum that's spend 10 Years in ex-Bourbon & 5 Years in ex-Port.

The new expression is to be bottled in February 2024, and sports a 62% ABV, with just 4,800 bottles released.

As for the new vocabulary lesson as is Foursquare Distillery chief, Richard Seale's passion, is defined as "Noun - (law) an acquittal, absolving · completion, perfection, consummation; completeness ..." as per Wikipedia.




88 Bamboo Editorial Team