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In order to embody the Kanosuke Distillery’s concept of “MELLOW LAND, MELLOW WHISKY”, the original three pot stills (copper distillers) are used to make the raw spirit, which is then aged in various oak barrels for three years before being mulled.

As with the previous First Edition Non-peated malt As with the first edition of the previous product, we used multiple barrels vatted together, with the key being the raw material aged in bourbon barrels.

It was distilled and aged at the Kanosuke Distillery in 2018. Single malt Japanese whiskey In addition, the new product will be available in a variety of styles.

In addition, this product is described as a “single malt Japanese whiskey” in the product description. Voluntary standards for Japanese whiskey established by the Japan Western Brewers Association The distillery is located in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.


The Bottle

The second single malt Japanese whiskey from the Kanosuke distillery.

Single Malt KANOSUKE 2021 SECOND EDITION is a single malt Japanese whiskey produced at the Kanosuke Distillery in 2018. It is made from non-peated malt and matured in bourbon barrels, with multiple barrels vatted and bottled at cask strength.

The sea breeze that blows through the Kanosuke distillery gets colder every day, and the whiskey spends its time maturing gently.

Please enjoy the elegant sweetness and bitterness that is matured in the gentle sea breeze. (From the manufacturer’s website)



Aroma Citrus, green apple, vanilla, lemon tea
Taste Honey, Nicki, Grapefruit
Aftertaste Elegant sweetness and soft bitterness



Alcohol content 57% 
alcohol category Single malt Japanese whiskey
Barrel type Bourbon barrels, etc.
Contents 700ml
Number of bottles sold Limited quantity
Suggested retail price 13,750 yen (tax included)
Release date November 12, 2021



Our Take

Although it seems to be a little stiff and violent immediately after opening the bottle, it gradually opens up as time passes. After adding a very small amount of water, the aroma regains its composure and changes to a clean and crisp mouthfeel. The impression changes drastically. As with the First Edition, this whisky has been highly praised by whisky lovers since its release.


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