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I completely forgot that I had this lovely slender one stashed away in my cabinet until someone mentioned Japanese gin to me! Didn’t waste any time and cracked it open immediately.

This gem is a result of meticulous distillation from Kyoya Distillery which sits in the Miyazaki Prefecture. Using sweet potato shochu as a base, the alcohol is then fermented in traditional terracotta jars. It is then distilled with Sancho black peppers, juniper, ginger, coriander, cloves, yuzu and two key citrus fruits, namely Hyuganatsu and Hebesu, cultivated only in Miyazaki Prefecture.

A very sweet and citrus forward gin, it creates a lovely, complex richness and is bursting with notes of juicy citrus. I like how it has a long, comfortable warm finish.

I served it with soda (tonic is a little too sweet) and paired with homegrown apple mint to unleash and complement the citrus notes of the gin. A gem!

Image courtesy of @Ginthanni.



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