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Essence of Harrogate Gin


I had the pleasure of sampling these lovely ones from @slingsbysocial @essenceofharrogate. Of the trio that were beautifully packaged and gifted to me, I must say that the rhubarb gin was particularly special.

The beautifully matt finished bottle comprises a medley of fruity and tangy notes. I have to admit that I was initially sceptical about the sweetness of the rhubarb but it’s extremely subtle and so well played out.

On the nose, it’s fragrant with the sweetness of rhubarb coming through. To taste, the tanginess from the grapefruit gives it a twist that it emerges as a fantastic blend of sweet and bitter at the same time. The tanginess completely lifts the flavours and it rounds off with a slightly peppery finish.

I topped it with soda and garnished with a couple of slices of ginger as it complemented and brought out the flavours even more.

Thank you @essenceofharrogate for kindly sending me these lovely samples. They were such a treat!


Image courtesy of @Ginthanni.



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