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Buja Gin


Happy World Gin Day everyone!! And thank you @ginmonkeyuk for putting this day on the calendar!!
Time to get the party started!

I got this Korean gem last year and my, my, I am proud of have expanded my gin collection with this! Really apt to share this today…

Buja simply means ‘father and son’ and this is a true rendition of the skills of the pair, Tom and his father. Tom is the master distiller and his father, cultivates all the native botanicals that that make its way into this gin. Korea’s first craft gin, it’s been made to reflect the local area.

Using wormwood as the main botanical, this is a smooth, herbal one. Beautifully scented, juniper certainly is at the forefront and throughout the palate, with lovely long earthy notes till the end. It’s complemented by fresh hallabong, which lends that citrusy touch.

I had this neat, with ice and went further to pair it with a simple soda. Both were incredible! Love how it sings on its own!

I had the pleasure of chatting to Tom recently. Tom was previously a banker and did a short stint in Singapore. Through Covid he moved home and Buja is now his baby. An extremely passionate distiller, with vision and amazing ideas for his next releases.

This one you gotta try!


Image courtesy of @Ginthanni.



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