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Liquid Limelight: Prince Harry Loves his Glenfiddich… A Little Too Much


We often forget that prominent people are “just like us” ordinary folks. They have mundane concerns, hopes and dreams, experience disappointment and love good booze too. Some of our most recognisable celebrities are genuine malt lovers. Read on to learn more about 3 of their favourite tipple and some of their memorable quotes - whisky or otherwise.


1. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex


(Image Source: Glamour Magazine)


Prince Harry has been the black sheep of the Royal Family since he was young. He insisted on genuinely serving in the military and became the only Royal to be deployed on active duty since the 1980s. Among other stints, he served as an Air Force pilot. The Prince has was reportedly well-liked by his peers in the army, and would frequently get together with them. A former solder has even praised the Prince for standing up for the soldier against his bullies in the army.

The Prince probably only has one weakness. He is reportedly very fond of his Glenfiddich Single Malt, even during his days in the Air Force. It was said that the Prince was specifically banned from drinking whisky while on an Apache helicopter training course. His commander apparently feared that the Prince might develop a habit of drunk-flying. Not that this is something most of us would ever have to worry about! 



2. Hillary Clinton


(Image Source: Getty Images)


We need to understand that there is no formula for how women should lead their lives. That is why we must respect the choices that each woman makes for herself and her family. Every woman deserves the chance to realize her God-given potential.

– Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking to the UN 4th World Conference in 1995


Lawyer, US Senator, Secretary of State, and gender rights icon, Hillary Clinton has also been known to throw back her occasional whiskey in private and in public life.

Republic Restorative, a Washington-based female-owned craft distillery, had planned to release its new "Rodham Rye Whiskey" as a boozy homage to Clinton and as celebration of her anticipated victory of the 2016 US Presidential Election.


Clinton was presented with the distillery’s first bottle of Rodham Rye (Image Source: Pia Carusone)


The election result was not as anticipated, but hey, disappointments are a fact of life. The distillery went ahead with releasing Rodham Rye Whiskey anyway and presented a bottle to Clinton.



3. Connor McGregor


(Image Source: Instagram)


"I've always loved Irish whiskey. My late grandfather played a huge role. It was with him I began to study and truly appreciate Irish whiskey.  

Something about simply endorsing an Irish whiskey didn’t feel right to me—I wanted to create my own."

— Connor McGregor, UFC Champion


As someone who celebrates fight victories draped in the Irish flag, frequently drops random Irish phrases and swaggers on to the ring with an Irish rebel song, UFC Double Champion Connor McGregor is an Irishman through and through. After hanging up his gloves and leaving the Octagon, McGregor tapped into his Irish roots and launched his own brand of Irish whiskey – Proper No. 12. “No. 12” refers to the area code of McGregor’s hometown, Crumlin, Dublin. 

McGregor’s whiskey brand performed exceptionally well. It competed with the biggest brands of Irish whiskey such as Jameson and Bushmills, and within 2 short years of launching, came to be valued at 200 million Euros. The success of McGregor’s Irish whiskey is in large part due to McGregor’s authentic representation of his Irish roots. 

Unfortunately for the brand, new labelling rules proposed by the Irish Whiskey Association may well force the brand to remove “12” from its name. This is because McGregor’s whiskey is only aged for 4 years, and the number 12 is said to potentially confuse consumers. Can’t say we don’t agree that consumer protection is valid in this case!