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Taiwan Beer Passion Fruit Yogurt, 0% ABV | 金牌Free 朝沁百香多

Taiwan Beer is Taiwan's leading beer brand, brewed in the storied Taipei Brewery (previously called Takasago Brewery) since Taiwan’s colonial years under Japanese rule. Today, Taiwan Beer is known for being a light and crisp lager beer with a distinct bright-saké like note, popular as a thirst quencher while people eat Taiwanese stir fry dishes during scorching summers.

More recently, capitalising on the trend towards low- and no-ABV beers, while still keeping with their expertise in refreshing thirst-quenching flavour profiles, Taipei Brewery has released two new zero-alcohol flavoured beers under its Golden Medal line. The first was a Lychee Oolong beer (reviewed here), while the second that followed shortly after was the Taiwan Passion Fruit Yogurt Beer. 

Taiwan Beer Passion Fruit Yogurt, 0% ABV | 金牌Free 朝沁百香多 - Tasting Notes 

Aroma: Very refreshing and tropical with a bright, chewy sweetness. The prominent fruity notes of passion fruit and green mango lends a robust depth to the aroma, with mild zesty orange notes. This fruity sweetness is balanced by a light creaminess and some floral aromas of white petals and jasmine.

Taste: This had a slightly thick mouthfeel with a tangy, robust taste of passionfruit curd. There's also notes of white mango jam and a milky yoghurt-like flavour. It's very dessert-like and sessionable, with a substantial sweet and tropical body.

Finish: A tangy yoghurt note and panna cotta lingers on the tongue in the finish, and this intermingles with some light tropical accents of passion fruit and fresh mango! 

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed this one - it's a lot more deeper-bodied and chewy than the Lychee Oolong beer, and has a greater tropical, fruity profile that's very sessionable and refreshing! 


Happy sipping!