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Scenes from Draft Land Singapore: Basically An Ice Cream Shop for Grown Ups

Draft Land is one of the coolest cocktail bar concepts in Asia, serving cocktails on tap just like you would get a draft beer at a taphouse. The first Draft Land was established in Taiwan, and no surprise, became a instant hit with the locals. More recently, Draft Land has expanded its outposts to include an outlet in Hong Kong and Singapore. 

It's 10pm on a Tuesday night on Purvis Street as I walk towards to the Singapore branch of Draft Land. Already the place is crowded, with relaxing R&B beats playing in the background amid the buzz of bargoers chatting with one another and nursing their cocktail glasses. 

As you enter Draft Land, the interior are unpretentious yet cool. On the wall is a menu board of over 20 different cocktails on offer, including a few like Ghost on the Shell and Oolong Tea Collins that caught my eye. 

What's cool is that, just like in an ice cream shop, you can ask the bartenders (called Draftenders!) for mini samples of each cocktail to try before ordering. Which is pretty awesome, speaking as someone who's experienced buyers remorse in the past when I ordered a cocktail that didn't quite suit my taste. 

I ordered some samples of the Salted Lemon Fizz and the Lychee Cobbler, which were both super refreshing!

But then I decided I wanted to try something more seasonal and heavy-bodied, and went with the Pineapple Fizz, a limited-time cocktail that's made from whisky, pineapple and butter biscuits (an ode to the popular Lunar New Year snack pineapple tarts). 

Another option for bargoers at Draft Land is to purchase "Shots" versions of each cocktail. This is a mini shot-glass portion of every cocktail on offer at a cheaper rate of $9 (compared to the average price of $20 per cocktail). I thought this is a pretty handy idea, allowing patrons to enjoy a little bit of more flavours and fully appreciate the range of libations on offer! 

I was a happy camper with my Shot-glasses of Espresso Martini (a must-order classic) and Ghost in the Shell (a Hennesy cognac based drink made with amaretto, longan, peach and fernet branca. 

The vibes at this place are chilled yet lively - perfect for unwinding after work. I guess it's no wonder the place was packed even on a Tuesday night! 


Draft Land Singapore

24 Purvis Street, Singapore 188601

Opens 4pm to 12am Tuesdays to Sundays


Happy sipping!