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Two Birds Brewing Taco x Silver Chair - Frogstomp

The next pick is an album that launched a group of teenagers from Newcastle to the world, and a brew that launched a pair of beer lovers into a world of making tasty brews, and also launched these beer lovers to become the first female owned brewery in Australia.

The album is the amazing “Frogstomp” from the band formally known as The Innocent Criminals, but became known worldwide as silverchair. The album came to be after the band was the winner of a national music competition on SBS.The album was recorded in 9 days, and the album was recorded live in the studio. Daniel Johns was quoted as saying “Yeah, that's the thing that I do really like about that album – it sounds exactly like we sounded. There was no big American producer calling the shots behind the desk and telling us to do this, this and this. It was literally this guy, Kevin Shirley, who was a great producer, just saying, "I want it to sound like you guys, but I want it to sound really f—ing loud and I want the guitars really f—ing loud."

Capturing the band’s raw sound was a huge success for the band, with the band’s honest sound offering that is true to their age and evolution as a band at the time striking a chord with many fans. The album was a #1 album in Australia and a Top 10 album in the US. In 2011, “Frogstomp” was voted the second best album of 2011 @triple_j #hottest100 Albums of all time.

Now the beer, which inspired the beginnings of @twobirdsbrewing. Jane and Danielle were struck by inspiration for this brew during a trip from San Diego to Portland; where the flavour of the beer was inspired by the flavour of their favourite food, Tacos. This hoppy ale, brewed with the addition of corn, coriander leaf and fresh lime peel, produces a fresh, fruity and zesty ale. The beer is a party of flavours, and is still a fantastic brew that really stacks up well still after all these years.
Album: silverchair – Frogstomp
Highlight: Suicidal Dream
Gem: Findaway
Brew: @twobirdsbrewing Taco


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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