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Two Birds Brewing Sunset Ale x Bush The Sea of Memories - The Sound of Winter


Next up is a band we know very well, but until a few months ago was an album we didn't know a lot about, other than the song "The Sound Of Winter" that received a lot of radio airplay.

The album is the 2011 Release from @bush, The Sea Of Memories. This album has brillant bookends, with the first and last track being really good. The last track in particular is as unexpected as it amazing.

The album peaked at #18 in the US, was the 5th most popular Alternative at its peak in 2011 and the single "The Sound Of Winter" was the #1 most popular Alternative song during 2011.

The album has a really great energy and mature and quality song writing. Reviews of the album were mixed amongst the critics, with some describing it as far from perfect; catchy and full of hooks with Rossdale's voice as strong as ever and one critic saying that "The Sea of Memories is every bit as good as classic Bush"

Whilst the album doesn't reach the lofty heights of success of their earlier releases; it is nonetheless a quality release.

The beer we've paired this with is one that might not really known compared to other craft beer releases; but a lot like @bush, it is a quality drop that doesn't really disappoint. The brew for this album is the @twobirdsbrewing Sunset Ale. This beer is made with 9 malts, and the pine and grapefruit flavours as well as the roasty finished left us both satisfied with the brew and the tunes.

Album - @bush The Sea Of Memories
Standout Track - The Mirror Of The Signs
Hidden Gem - Be Still My Love
Beer Pairing - @twobirdsbrewing Sunset Ale


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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