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Two Birds Brewing New Heights Deca Hopped IPA x Silverchair - Paint Pastel Princess


For the brilliant album “Neon Ballroom” from silverchair, we’ve handed over to friend of the page; one half of @twobirdsbrewing Danielle Allen for the words and the brew.
Neon Ballroom...what an album. A fresh listen gave me chills, as I remember every word from every one of the 12 hits that all independently stake their claim,  on this proud #1 Aussie album. Every title strategically placed to take you on the roller coaster of emotion. Starting with the opening song, Emotion Sickness; You can feel the teen angst in every line, of every lyric. So melodic with the real kind of guitar riffs to mark the end of the 90’s.
As a fan born in 1979, I could sum up my high school years in one word; silverchair (with a bit of study on the side). The first single from the album “Anthem for the Year 2000”, a smart play from the record company or did it just come naturally...? Not sure, but by midnight hit on 31st December 1999, I don’t think there would have been a teen in Oz that didn’t have the lyrics burnt into their brain. “We’ll make it up to you in the year 2000....”. Such fun, screaming your lungs out to the unknown of new millennium.
Fondest Neon Ballroom memory; turning 20 in ‘99, meant I was off the leash so to speak and the announcement of a show in country Victoria in January was a right of passage, as the talk of the first single being released was just too much to handle. Planes, trains and (shitty) buses got me from Perth to Cobram, Victoria on Jan 23rd 1999. I went to hear Anthem For the Year 2000 live. Just when I’d given up hope, 14 songs into the set list, the opening chords began. It was rough but it was cool, and was totally worth the trek and my life savings.
This album is the best silverchair has produced, and Two Birds have always aimed high. Bringing together 10 different forms of hops to mark 10 years of beers. From hop flowers, to extracts and oils. A different hop form at every turn, pouring golden for a nod to the past. The different hops give the brew brilliant bitterness, floral and citrus flavours. There is also a huge boost of aroma, the taste of something tropical and delicious, we love.


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