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Stomping Ground Watermelon Smash x Garbage - Androgyny


The next pick is the third studio album from Garbage, the excellent change in sound that became “Beautiful Garbage”.
The album had a great variety than past releases; with the stronger melodies, direct and to the point lyrics and a really good mix of rock, electronica, new wave, hip hop, and girl group sounds. Garbage acknowledged that there was a broad range of influences, which included Prince, The Rolling Stones, Blondie, and Phil Spector. Regarding the melancholic lyrics, Manson stated they happened because after two years touring "we were very isolated and removed from our lives", so when writing the lyrics, "I felt an overwhelming sense that I need to reinvest in my 'relations'"
The music from the album came from a much simpler place, with the band mostly playing live in the studio with guitar, drums and bass; which was a conscious decision the band made. The band decided that the best way to record the album was to was to set up their recording equipment, guitars, keyboards, drum kit and a sampler and "jam" as a group. Whilst the recording process was fairly simple, the recorded material was processed differently to create a unique sound. The drums were processed through a 30-year-old Roger Meyer compressor, and the band used a Line 6 Pod for melodic parts and embellishments. All of this with Shirley Manson’s lyrics created this unique and brilliant sound.
A unique and excellent sound needs a brew that is also different and tasty. The Stomping Ground Watermelon Smash Sour is really the perfect unique brew to go with this album. This brew really makes great use of Riwaka and Mosaic hops, Pilsner, Wheat malts, Hoegaarden Ale yeast and packed with real watermelon is an amazing combination. All of this combined creates a fruity, salty and crisp Gose that is one of the best sour beers around.
Album: Garbage – Beautiful Garbage
Highlight: Androgyny
Gem: Nobody Loves You
Beer: Stomping Ground Watermelon Smash


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