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Search Light Brewery Thieving Bastard Hazy IPA x Shihad - Pacifier


Another success coming out on NZ that Australians have tried to claim their own. Much like Crowe, Gibney, Urban.. Lorde but no other are we proud of than the incredible Shihad.

Now you might recall the band changing their name to Pacifier in the early 2000's when terrorism was popular and they thought it sounded Jihad. They later cahnged their name back because no one gave a s**t.
The sounds from this record instantly takes me back to the dusty winds of big day out blowing in my face and Jon Toogood magesticly dancing around the stage. The intro is a heavy synth sound that is comforting and soothing to hear, then slams us straight into the hard hitting my mind sedate. The star of the show is always the title track the general electric! There's something engaging in this song that draws me in everytime, the more you listen, the more you get out of this masterpiece. There's a full album driven by heavy bass, loud drums and smart, ballard and anthem like lyrics by Toogood. With age I believe some of the slower tracks like spacing and brightest star standout and there's so much to love on the album start to finish. In my top 20 records of all time. Enjoy the trip down memory lane or pick them up new for the first time, you are in for a treat!

Thieving Bastard Hazy IPA NZ ( The one with the T-Rex Lazer eyes)
Search Light Brewery found the biggest, juiciest hops around and layered them with copious amounts of creamy oats and wheat to create a tropical juice bomb. With aromas of guava, papaya and mango the only thing this hazy is stealing is the hearts of hop heads all over the country.
Their taphouse is small but stunning, if you ever find yourself in beautiful Queenstown, head on down.

Album - @shihad_the_band The General Electric
Highlight - The General Electric
Gem - Spacing
Beer Pairing - Thieving Bastard Hazy IPA @searchlightbrewery


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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