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Range Brewing Full Circle IPA x Bush - Swallowed


Range Brewing Full Circle IPA
The first edition of Full Circle is a hazy style IPA brewed for select venues in the Greater Melbourne area as a way to support the Victorian hospitality community affected by COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns.
Full Circle #1 is an IPA, dry-hopped with the luscious combo of Citra, Mosaic and Centennial. This batch has been fermented with Verdant IPA yeast, which enhances the peachy stone fruit aromas and ester profile. The body is medium-full, with a silky mouthfeel. On the palate this beer brings a vibrant and punchy hop experience. Citra and Mosaic come together to display distinctive tropical fruit flavours with soft layers of mango and passion fruit, orange zest and peach lollies. The finish is dry and crushable with lingering soft fruit notes. We think this IPA is perfectly suited to the Melbourne spring.
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I paired some music with this magical beer and what instantly came to mind was Bush Razorblade Suitcase. Maybe it was the smooth but sharp taste? Maybe it was because Bush and India Pale Ales both come from the UK? Either way let's take a deeper look. Bush could have been named better but in my view are extremely underated. They have been labelled too slick or poppy for grunge, who says they have to be grunge?
I believe Bush are stripped back rock and roll through and through how they should be. Yeah! Most people wrote after meeting Rossdale, finding him to be a “genuine guy, remarkably untouched by his success." And that shows in his attitude. It's a sound that dominated it's time and still holds up today, an album I'm thrilled to blast in my car and I'll put my hand up to go see them live again. Hands down one of the greatest bands we will see in this generation.

Album - Bush Razorblade Suitcase
Highlight - Swallowed
Gem - Cold Contagious
Beer consumed while pairing this tune:
Full Circle IPA


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