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Range Brewery & Bridge Road Brewers & Sailors Grave Brewery x Linkin Park - Reanimation


REAИIMATIOИ The one with the transformer on the front.

To be honest, I played this out when it first was released and never went back until the start of this year and I've gotta say, I was REIMPRESSED.

It's something to listen to on a good system, loud. The sound can get complex at times and you want the full experience.

It features remixes of songs from Hybrid Theory, including the album's bonus tracks. The remix album was produced by Mike Shinoda and mixed by Mark "Spike" Stent.

Since then the songs have popped up in various locations including
At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, British ice dancers Sinead and John Kerr skated to "Krwlng"
In 2011, magician Dynamo walked across the Thames River. This was shown during his TV show Dynamo: Magician Impossible while the song "Krwlng" played over it.
All in all its a banger. Find it on Spotify and give it a blast next time you lose your equalibrium.

Speaking of mash ups! Here's one by three of our favourite brewers;
3 1/2 Ideas - DDH Oat Cream Mango Pale
At their annual festival, The High Country Hop, Bridge Road Brewery, Range Brewery and Sailors Grave Brewery joined together in Beechworth for our annual collaborative brew.

We created a melange of each of the three brewing styles to create a truly memorable beer.

This hazy, fruited oat cream pale is the stuff of pillowy dreams. Aromatic tropical hop notes meld seamlessly with mango. The lush mouthfeel from the protein rich base is further enhanced by a touch of lactose and the texture of mango. Mmm yum.

Album: Linkin Park – Reanimation
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• Beer : 3 1/2 Ideas - DDH Oat Cream Mango Pale by @rangebrewing @bridgeroadbrewers @sailorsgravebrewing


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