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Pirate Life Hazy Mosaic x Bow Wow Wow - Do Ya Wanna Hold Me?


Sometimes, we take fan requests!

Our 700th subscriber, now a fellow Trooper has suggested to play "Do ya wanna hold me?" By Bow Wow Wow. We have paired this with a single hop Pirate Life Hazy Mossaic. Both have their own uniqueness and quirkyness as does our fans page!
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Not to be confused with Lil bow wow,
I was amazed to learn that Bow Wow Wow was a McLaren creation much like the Sex Pistols. The band was formed after McLaren encourage Adam and the Ants to ditch their front man and pursue his new music project. Needing a charismatic and captivating lead singer, McLaren recruited the 14-year-old Annabella Lwin. A song that seems like it would fit on a grand theft Auto soundtrack will get you in the mood to sip some Mossaic single hops in your hammock or dance around your living room in your best 80's aerobics outfit!

Some beer info for you,
This hazy IPA was a festival only beer that by popularity got made into a classic. It is made with purified water, pale malts, East Coast Ale Yeast, and the king of all hops, Mosaic.
Low bitterness gives it considerable appeal, while forty kilos of post ferment hop additions ratchet up the fruit factor. Like, to eleven…
It pours a luminous yellow, with a characteristic haze. Expect aromas of pineapple, candied strawberry, and crushed pine. On the palate, ripe pawpaw, malt sweetness and soft, pillowy mouthfeel.

Get in and around it!


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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