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One Drop Brewing Co Fresh Off The Boat WCIPA x Don Omar, Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro


Import or American Hops?

In light of the release of Fast 9, we thought we we take you back to installment five where the blockbuster movies launched in the series.

Points if you can guess the scene to Desabafo / Marcelo D2, Claudia. In the comments

What's your favourite Fast Flick ?

Speaking of imports, look at this fresh hop the boat WC IPA by One Drop wow, just wow.

Fresh off the Boat! WCIPA
A west coast IPA in collaboration with Yakima Chief hops. This year's first shipment, and latest crop, of Simcoe Citra Centennial, Idaho 7 and Cascade come fresh off the boat straight from the hop bines of the US pacific coast and directly into your hands. The simplest of malt bases, powered by Cryer Malt, and a clean yeast strain stand aside and give a platform for these insanely fresh hops to pop out and shine through. We're diggin' the bountiful flavours and aromas of citrus peel, resinous pine, subdued grapefruit, and hints of tropical fruit. With its dry finish, subtle malt sweetness, and non-offending bitterness this is a fresh hop bomb for the ages.
What did you put in that sandwich?

Highlight - Danza Kuduro
Gem - Desabafo / Marcelo
Beer - @onedropbrewingco
Fresh off the Boat WCIPA


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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