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One Drop Brewing Co DDH Oat Cream IPA x Deftones - Around The Fur

The next pick is one our absolute favourite metal bands, the beautifully melodic and powerful @deftones.
The album is their second release “Around The Fur”. The album was released on October 28th 1997. The album was highly anticipated and was the album that propelled the album to fame. This album’s claim to fame also is that the song “My Own Summer (Shove it) was used in “The Matrix”.
For an album that is well loved and one we’ve played many, many times there were a few interesting things we didn’t know. Firstly, The title Around the Fur is often thought to be a sexual allusion, but it's not. When asked about the title, Chino Moreno was quoted as saying “I picture it as being, you know, very ugly, [with] heavy chords. Everything's really abrasive. And at the same time it's really soothing.”
The track “Headup” was co-written by Max Cavalera, who also shares lead vocals duties with Moreno on the song. It was written in tribute to Cavalera's stepson, Dana, who had been killed in a car accident and was a friend of Moreno's. The track also contained the name of Cavalera’s post @sepultura band, @thesoulflytribe.
The other interesting fact is the identity of the person on the cover of the album. She is Lisa Hughes, who is still proud of her association with the band and the album. Hughes remembered. "I wanted to see it first, but had a hard time getting a good copy, so I had Maverick Records fax it to me. It was a little dark and hard to see. But I said yes for sure use it. I didn't have doubts, I was excited!”
The album was praised for its loud-soft dynamics, the flow of the tracks, Moreno's unusual vocals, and the strong rhythm section grooves created by Stephen Cunningham and bassist Chi Cheng.
Now for a beer that we can praise for it’s loud/soft and it’s flow is the really great DDH Oat Cream IPA from @onedropbrewingco. The flavours of apricot, citrus, passionfruit & coconut are really so good; and this brew is so much like the album, with power and melody.
Album: @deftones – Around the Fur
Highlight: Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
Gem: Around the Fur
Beer: @onedropbrewingco DDH Oat Cream IPA