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Ocean Reach Brewing Pineapple Haze, IPA x Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?

Part IV of the ORB Session

Pineapple Haze! all in my brain. Cashmere & Azzaca hops, they don’t feel the same.” This full flavoured, Hazy IPA has a rounded mouthfeel, double dry hopped with Azzaca & Cashmere give this beauty a massive tropical hit, but it’s the pineapple that makes me say, “excuse me while I kiss the sky”… [guitar solo]
At 6% you will be seeing stars baby!

Some more about the tunes:
Fast fact! None of the album’s original songs were performed live by the Experience before they were recorded and many were rehearsed for the first time right before the tape rolled.
While most bands’ debut albums typically consist of original material honed over countless gigs, Hendrix preferred to teach his new songs to Redding and Mitchell right before they recorded them. “There were no rules on that stuff,”
The Octavia pedal, an octave-doubling guitar effect, made its debut on “Purple Haze.”
The opening track of the U.S. edition of Are You Experienced, “Purple Haze” was originally released as a U.K. single on March 17th, 1967. In addition to its radical mixture of blues, Eastern and psychedelic elements, the hard-rock anthem introduced the world to the Octavia, a new guitar effect that added a higher-octave overtone to each note of Hendrix’s guitar solos. Designed by English electronics whiz Roger Mayer – who had previously designed fuzz boxes for Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

Album: @jimihendrix - Are You Experienced?
Highlight: Fire
Gem: Foxey Lady
Brew: @oceanreachbrewing Pineapple Haze, IPA

Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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