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Moon Dog Brewing Cake Hole Black Forest Stout x Pink Floyd - The Division Bell


The next album is from one of the best and most influential bands @pinkfloyd. The release is their 1994 album “The Division Bell”; which is the second release from the band without founding member @rogerwaters.
The Division Bell was written mostly by guitarist and singer David Gilmour and keyboardist Richard Wright, with the lyrics mostly being written by Gilmour and British Novelist Polly Sampson; who was Gilmour’s fiancé at the time. “The Division Bell” deals with themes of communication, with the album being a quieter, more atmospheric and contemplative Pink Floyd than previous releases.
The title refers to a bell rung in parliament is Commonwealth countries, to signal a division (a vote) to members of the relevant chamber so that they may take part. In the immediate neighbourhood of the Palace of Westminster there are 384 division bells and 172 external division bells.
The album was recorded in part at the iconic Abbey Road Studios and also on “Astoria”, a grand houseboat, built in 1911 for impresario Fred Karno and adapted as a recording studio in the 1980s by David Gilmour.
Whilst the album isn’t necessarily as popular as previous releases and having mixed critical opinion; the album was very popular; reaching Number 1 in 12 countries and selling well over 7 million copies. There are some absolute highlights on the album, particularly the track “What Do You Want From Me”; which Gilmour mentioned as dealing  with personal relationships and not a return to the theme of alienation from your audience was explored in "The Wall."
Now for the beer, and the brew we’ve picked is the “Cake Hole Black Forest Stout” from @moondogworld. This brew is a brilliant brew, with amazing use of Magnum hops, Ale, Caramalt, Caraamber, Light Crystal, Chocolate, Midnight Wheat, Roast Barley malts and Sour Cherries, Cacao and Vanilla flavours. The brew has brilliant layers; just like the amazing tunes that @pinkfloyd has produced over the years.
Album: Pink Floyd – The Division Bell
Highlight: A Great Day for Freedom
Gem: Marooned
Beer:  @moondogbrewing Cake Hole Black Forest Stout


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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