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Little Bang Brewery Happyland Summery Ale x Bodyjar - Not The Same


It's Sunday, there's nothing better to do than listen to Bodyjar, craft beer in your hand and riding a giant platypus to Happyland.

The track "Not the Same" was featured in the 2001 skateboarding video game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. The album was released in the US through Nitro Records to coincide with the band's appearance on the 2001 Warped Tour. This is Bodyjar's breakthrough album and by far the most refined with radio friendly tunes but still keeps their high tempo hard hitting cool guys vibe. Enjoyable listen start to finish. See them live if you ever get the chance!

If you've ever visited the Little Bang Brewery, you'll know it's a place where happiness resides. Embedded in the beer and cider names and decals, plastered across customers' faces and radiating back into the street, it's a place where it's easy to turn one's frown upside down and in which this summer ale possesses arguably the most wantonly and daftly joyous name and artwork of the lot.

Originally brewed when Adelaide was sweltering through a week of 40C days, it was a time when all the brewers wanted was something refreshing and loaded with hops (and, apparently, which made them think of a happy couple romping through the hills atop a giant platypus). That turned into a sweet, bready, biscuity malt base upon which you'll find light, balanced floral, melony and tropical hoppiness in a relatively light bodied beer ready to send drinkers to their happy place.

Album: How it's works - @bodyjar_official
Highlight: Not the same
Gem: Fall to the ground
Beer pairing: @littlebangbrewing HAPPYLAND SUMMERY ALE


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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