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Liberty Yakima Monster APA x Something For Kate - Echolalia

The next pick comes from a band with one of the best vocalists this country currently has belting out a tune. The vocalist is Paul Dempsey, the band is Something For Kate and the album is their third release “Echolalia”. We were fascinated by the title of the album, and we found that “Echolalia” is defined as meaningless repetition of another person's spoken words as a symptom of psychiatric disorder or repetition of speech by a child learning to talk.
There is nothing meaningless or repetitious about this fantastic album. Released in June 2001, this album was voted as the best album of 2001 by @triple_j listeners, the track “Monsters” was voted the second best song of 2001 in the #hottest100.
During writing the album, Paul Dempsey has a huge and distressing bout of writer’s block. Some gentle persuasion by bassist Steph Ashworth and drummer Clint Hyndman that a trip to Thailand was in order. That change of scenery did the trick, and during the trip “Monsters” was written in 20 minutes. Dempsey told @triple_j “The words just came out in one piece, in one complete page, and the music was just there. It was a song about getting over your self-doubt.”
An album where the lyrics delve deep and is an intelligent and lasting musical companion needs a brew that also delves deep. @libertybrewingau have delivered this intelligent and lasting beer companion with their “Yakima Monster APA”. Tipping the scales at 6% ABV and 50 IBU, this brew is full, strong and really smooth; just like is Paul Dempsey himself sat at table and started singing; well anything really.
Album: Something For Kate - Echolalia
Highlight: Old Pictures
Gem: Jerry, Stand Up
Beer Pairing: Liberty Yakima Monster APA


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