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Jetty Road Brewery The Haze x John Butler Trio - Peaches & Cream

@jettyroadbrewery - The HAZE
GABS Podium Vote 3rd Place.
Trooper Awards

Like looking directly into the sun. Your vision becomes blurred, even hazy; But in a good way.
We brewed a modern pale ale so juicy and refreshing that it doesn’t matter whether you are drinking it watching the sunrise or sunset.

A modern Pale ale that’s juicy and of course hazy. A silky-smooth mouthfeel from generous additions of oats and wheat with a low bitterness leaves the U.S. hops to be centre stage. Tropical juice jumping from the glass/can.

Something to listen to during your sip, from sunrise over see ablum by JBT

This song always gives me shiver because it is just such a beautiful and powerful song. It's just how live seems to be made whole when you have a child and they seem to be all that you may have been missing. The beauty of life.

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