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Jetty Road Brewery Attention To Detail DDH Oat Cream IPA x Audioslave - Be Yourself


The next pick “Out Of Exile”, the second album from American supergroup Audioslave.
This album felt more like a true Audioslave album, free from the musical influences that happen when musicians from two other massive bands create a new band. Drummer Brad Wilk was quoted as saying “Audioslave the band has arrived. The first record was people from two other bands with history attached. I don't feel that with this record.“ The song writing was also more personal then their debut release; with Chris Cornell mentioning that the songs were influenced by positive changes in his life.
The guitar playing from Tom Morello and the vocals from Chris Cornell on “Be Yourself” is one of the most beautiful things in Rock Music this century.
The album, which was produced by Rick Rubin, was well received and critics and fans considering the album to have a sound that was defined as their own; rather than sounding like Rage Against The Machine being fronted by Chris Cornell. “Be Yourself” made the 2005 @triple_j #hottest100 and the album topped the charts in four countries and made the top five in another six.
Now the beer for this excellent album had to be a hazy little juice bomb, with an aroma coming in from a mile away, and also had to be a brew that is bright, sweet full and floral. The beer that is all of these things is the “Attention To Detial” Oat Cream IPA from Jetty Road. The Jetty Road crew love a good beer and definitely know how to make one.  The Double Dry Hopping has delivered a brilliant hazy and very tasty brew that will keep us coming back.
Album: Audioslave – Out Of Exile
Highlight: Be Yourself
Gem: #1 Zero
Beer Pairing: Jetty Road Brewery - Attention To Detial DDH Oat Cream IPA


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