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Humble Forage Brewery New England IPA x Dead Letter Circus - Lines


"We all wanna feel something
But we don't want to change"

There is no better EP than DLC.
Blasting onto the scene in early 2007, Dead Letter Circus steals the show with this earth crushing instant 6 track classic.
Lines is by far my favourite song by any band, do yourself a favour and give it a spin this weekend!
Accoustic or plugged in versions are both top notch.
If ever you were planning on kickstarting a bender, throw this album on your soundbar and let it rip!
The dream is to be able to see these lads on stage again and hoping we all get the opportunity to be there, the energy of their live shows is unmatched. I'm fortunate enough to have met Kim Benzie out the back of the corner hotel in Richmond, Melbourne, I was waiting for my mate to rock up with our tickets and Kim was wrapping up a phone call and said hello. His main modivation to say g'day was because I was wearing a very obvious butterfly effect T shirt and it caught his attention. We had an in depth conversation about Karnivools new album at the time sound awake. Kim walked me through the back entrance to the corner hotel l, introduced me to the band members then walked me straight into the bar. Gotta say, one of the best moments of my life, top bloke! So get the bbq going and fire this badass album on Spotify, you won't be disappointed. At all!

Humble Forager Brewery in
Madison Wisconsin makes a New England IPA is brewed with a large percentage of oats and white wheat, for a soft and pillowy mouthfeel. Citra hops in the whirlpool add citrus tones, while two separate dry hop additions of Citra, Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin create a bouquet of tropical juice, citrus zest and stone fruit flavors and aromas. Equally a banger to compliment DLC! I found this gem beer at @fizzandhop

Album: @deadletterinsta EP
Highlight: Lines
Gem: Alien
Beer: @humbleforagerbrewery Brewery New England IPA


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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