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Hop Nation Beer Max Capacity Festival Hazy IPA x The Beautiful Girls - I Thought About You

Max Capacity Festival Hazy IPA by @hopnationbeer
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Debuting to align with our return to good ol' beer festivals, MAX CAPACITY is a tribute to the haze of a festival crowd. It’s a full house here, with a range of hop products: T-90 Galaxy pellets, Mosaic C02 Hop Extract and Ekuanot Cryo Hops all showed up for this momentous occasion! Consider this IPA a party gift.

We hope you're as excited as we are about how these hops work together. Mosaic and Ekuanot pair together nicely; with papaya and tangerine notes from the Mosaic, and mango, melon and lime from the Ekuanot, which creates a pleasant little punch bowl. Using the Cryo hops gives an intense hop aroma and flavour, without the grassy character that you can get when using a high volume of T90 pellets.

The sound that matches the taste.
I Thought About You - The Beautiful Girls off the Ziggurats Album.
Most people instantly think of Songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mat McHugh. The mastermind behind TBG. But also noted, MacDonald and Connelly write and record instrumental hip-hop under the name The Undertones. They also have a noise rock band named Salmon Facade. The pair provided the rhythm section on Angus & Julia Stone's first two EPs and first two albums, and toured extensively with the siblings from 2007 to 2009.


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