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Hippies & Cowboys India Pale Ale Nashville Tennessee x Kings Of Leon - Of Youth & Manhood


Tennessee, home of the slow & low BBQ, whiskey and the heart of country music scence. They also have some darn good craft beers and the the KOL brothers.

I was 18 years old when this album came out, I think I played this CD over and over, I couldn't get enough of the Southern charm that was woven throughout their sound and their care free attitude. Having enjoyed the Eagles and other country rock, this was a treat for my ears.

Infused in all their worldly musical influences with a distinctly native feeling from their Nashville base, they channelled the rock / country / blues fusion that has stirred down Tennessee way since Elvis first curled his lip. They were as vibrant and punky as The Strokes, but less intimidating, less arrogant, and less isolated. KOL were fun, ballsy, suggestive and sexy.

‘Youth & Young Manhood’, their debut album, is now 18 years old itself. Though its creators have evolved their sound to render it almost unrecognisable to some, it hasn’t aged a day. It’s still vital, still electrifying.

This tropical and citrus IPA provides luscious aromas that filter through to the palate. Light on the bittering, it ends with a smooth and crisp finish. Crushable on the ranch or at a music festival.
Hippies & Cowboys is a very versatile beer that can easily be enjoyed in the rolling meadow or at the bar or a gritty honky tonk. It pairs well with long summer days and cool winter nights. It is best consumed with good friends and loud music.

Album: Kings Of Leon - Of Youth & Manhood.
Highlight: California Waiting
Gem: Talihina Sky
Beer Pairing: HIPPIES & COWBOYS India Pale Ale Nashville Tennessee.


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