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Hawkers Beer Stout x The Whitlams - Buy Now Pay Later


The next pick comes from brilliantly musical poet Tim Freedman, an album written in the wake of the tragic passing of bandmate Stevie Plunder. The album was dedicated to Plunder, and contrary to popular belief; the song were not written about Plunder.
The album is beautiful mix of typical rock songs, piano ballads including the “Charlie Trio” (named after Charlie Owen from Beasts of Bourbon), classic pop tunes and even a cover of the Bob Dylan song “Tangled Up In Blue”
Recorded for a tiny $18,000 and promoted by Freedman dubbing 50 copies of “No Aphrodisiac” for $40 and placing the pigeonholes at Triple J, 2LB and 2FC in Sydney. Freedman recalls “A few weeks later the album went to everyone and [triple j] started to play ‘No Aphrodisiac' and it just went mad. It was a song that worked just because it was pretty, it was about loneliness, but then it got funny. It had a real development. It just got a life of its own.”
The band was named as Best Group, “No Aphrodisiac” was awarded best song; and the album won the award as best independent release at the 1998 @aria_official awards.
The album peaked at #14 on the @aria_official charts, and remained in the charts for an amazing 61 weeks.
Now for the beer, this brew fits nicely because of the Play on the Hawke / Whitlam political allegiance, along with the dark, mellows of "Where's the Enemy" or “Charlie Part 1”. The brew is the @hawkersbeer Stout. There are rich espresso aromas with chocolate and roasted malt. The beer is peaceful, dark and sultry, boasting deep alluring flavours and a lush rounded body.
One day we can get back to live gigs, a pint of this in hand with Tim Freedman playing this masterpiece would be a great combination.
The Whitlams – Eternal Nightcap
Highlight: No Aphrodisiac and Buy Now Pay Later
Gem: Charlie No. 3
Beer: @hawkersbeer Stout


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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