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Hargreaves Hill Brewing Co Pursuit of Hoppiness x Tool Music - Lateralus (The Holy Gift "Remix")


The next pick is the reimaging of the brilliant album “Lateralus” from @toolmusic. The music produced by the band makes you think more than most bands anyway, and their music has amazing levels of nuance and subtlety to dissect. But then add in the reimaging of the album using Maths, and this nuance and subtlety goes to a whole other level.
Using the Fibonacci sequence, the tracks on “Lateralus” can be reordered. To hear it, the Fibonacci pattern must be applied to the songs as a whole, dividing them into two figurative sets, or spirals, and entirely overhauling the tracklisting.

In the new order, referred to as “The Holy Gift”; each set of two songs in the new sequence add up to 13 (using their original track numbers: 6+7, 5+8, 4+9, 13, 1+12, 2+11, 3+10), with the former 13th track acting as a kind of pivot (‘To swing on the spiral’).  The title track, which gets it name from the concept of lateral thinking; creates a brilliant combination between art and mathematics. The lyrics of the form are created using the structure of the Fibonacci sequence, and Danny Carey’s drum track is also based on the sequence.
The album is brilliant enough, but this has got to be the best “Easter Egg” we have ever come across.
The album is it’s original form topped the album charts in four countries, and made the Top Ten in another six countries.
A brilliant beer requires an equally brilliant brew. The brew is the “Pursuit of Hoppiness #8” from @hargreaveshill, which is the best version of an Imperial Red IPA we’ve come across. With a malt bill of Cara-Amber, Melanoidin, Crystal and Chocolate malts which provides a brilliant foundation for the dry hopping using Centennial, Amarillo, Mosaic  Azacca hops. This album rides a brilliant spiral, and is the perfect “Golden Ratio”; just like this album.  
Album: @toolmusic – Lateralus (The Holy Gift “Remix”)
Highlight:  Ticks And Leaches
Gem #1: Mantra as the intro for Lateralus
Gem #2: Parabol / Parabola
Gem #3: Reflection
Beer: @hargreaveshill Pursuit of Hoppiness #8


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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