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Hargreaves Hill Beatnik XPA x The Offspring - Feelings


The next pick is one we’ve posted before, but to be fair its an album is brilliant and we love it more every time we hear it. This album also had the #1 track of the 1998 @triple_j #hottest100, and still managed to have the #1 track when the 1998 countdown was voted on again on 2019.
That song was “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”, and the album is “Americana” from the @offspring
The album was their second most successful album, selling over 10 million copies. The album was a massive hit, where it topped the charts in 6 countries, including Australia, Austria, New Zealand and Sweden was a top #5 album in another 8 countries.
The album was produced by Dave Jerden, who also produced @janesaddiction@aliceinchains, as well as mixing and engineering albums from @redhotchilipeppers.
Artist Frank Kozik was hired to do the artwork for the album, as Holland found that his concert tour posters "had all the connotations we associated with Americana: very glossy, innocent and 1950s, but with a twisted aspect."
The themes in the album contain stories about unhappy American lifestyles. Speaking of the album shortly after its release,  Dexter Holland explained, "The songs on Americana aren't condemnations, they're short stories about the state of things and what we see going on around us. We want to expose the darker side of our culture.
Now for the beer, something brilliant needs a brilliant brew. No words needed for this one, it’s simply brilliant and is the Beatnik XPA from @hargreaveshill. A crisp, hoppy XPA with Citrus flavours is a great match for this beer and the tunes.
Album - @offspring - Americana
Standout Track -  Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
Hidden Gem – No Brakes
Beer Pairing -  @hargreaveshill Beatnik XPA


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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