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Garage Project Hazy Daze Pale Ale - New England x Muse - Showbiz


This morning we have a treat for your ears with the Showbiz Album from @muse . Paired effortlessly with Garage Projects Hazy Daze New England Pale Ale. The UK lads would love it!

Showbiz was recorded between April 1999 and May 1999. However, the album included some older songs in Muse's repertoire, many of which can date as far back as 1996. Most of the songs on Showbiz had already been written at least by 1997. The songs featured on the album were among the "fifty or so" that Matt Bellamy had written before entering the studio. The band selected the songs which they deemed to be the more conventional and "straight-forward" to make up Showbiz. While the songs contain an eclectic and diverse sound featuring subtle classical, jazz, blues, Latin, and world music influences, they have a distinct and cohesive alternative rock aesthetic. The more experimental material was left out of the album to be included as B-sides in the single releases. A few of those songs were later featured on the compilation album Hullabaloo Soundtrack.

At the heart of MUSE is Matthew Bellamy. English singer, musician, and songwriter. He is the lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and primary songwriter of the rock band. He is recognised for his eccentric stage persona, wide tenor vocal range and musicianship. Rolling Stones No.8 guitarist of all time.

The beer! A very special edition of Hazy Daze, introducing new hop hero Talus, the latest addition to Yakima Chief Hops' all star lineup. With wild neomex roots, this daughter of Sabro bursts with pink grapefruit, citrus rinds, dried roses, pine resin, tropical fruits and sage. Excited? We are. Expect huge hop flavours and aroma backed up with balanced bitterness and smooth mouthfeel - everything you want from your hazed-out pale.

Album - Showbiz by @muse
Highlight Track - Sunburn
Hidden Gem - Showbiz
Beer Pairing - Hazy Pale Ale - New England by @garageproject

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