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Deeds Brewing Hypercolour California IPA x Deftones - Ohms


The next pick starts with a shoutout. Thanks to @just_a_girl_and_her_beers, we found the perfect brew; and an awesome photo to boot.
The next album pick is the latest album from @deftones “Ohms”. The album has come back to the core of the band and their alternative metal style. Classic Rock magazine added a different assessment, calling the album "dream pop with a metallic edge", and it’s actually a brilliant description for this album.
A brilliant combination of the push of Chino Moreno, the sonic experimenter and with an ethereal voice even when it breaks into a scream; and the pull of guitarist Stephen Carpenter; a classic metalhead delivering piles of distorted low end guitar playing.Moreno and Carpenter are two opposing gravitational pulls that keep the band’s beautiful and bludgeoning music hovering perfectly in between.
Part of the sound coming back to something we just love, is the return of producer Terry Date, who last produced for the band in 2003.
Metal Hammer magazine named the album as the best metal release of 2020, and with brilliant tracks such as “Urantia” and the title track, it’s no surprise the album has become an instant hit.
The album has made the Top 5 in alternative and hard rock charts around the world; following on from its release in September 25, 2020.
Now for the beer, the brew we’ve picked is one that is Big, Loud and Hoppy. This brew offers up   bitterness, aroma and intense flavour. it’s a brew we love from a brewery are we loving more and more.
Album: @deftones - Ohms
Highlight: Ohms
Gem: Radiant City
Beer: @deedsbrewing Hypercolour California IPA


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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