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Dainton Beer Crumblicious Honeycomb and Toffee Stout x Creed - What If


Is this the road map to human existence? Is the meaning of life burried within these lyrics? Is Scott Stapp Jesus? Find out more by reading on..

"Next time I see this face
I'll say I choose to live for always
So won't you come inside
And never go away"
A powerful track is "Wrong Way” a mini-suite with multiple forms and musical textures to make for a good overall listen. Here, Scott Stapp exercises various levels of power and restraint vocally while Kurzweg adds B3 organ and guest Kirk Kelsey provides mandolin. “Faceless Man” is another good track, perhaps the best thus far on the album, with measured acoustic and electric combinations picked and strummed expertly by Tremonti along its compositional and some stand out bass by Brian Marshall. On the track “Never Die”, the band adopts some Alice-in-Chains-like simplicity with a grunge approach and hammered-on notes in the riff pattern. This track also features Scott Phillips providing his best drumming thus far.
That 90's deep masculine voice, can't beat it.

Dainton Crumblicious Honeycomb and Toffee Stout
Local organic cacao, homemade candi sugar, and a love of chocolate bars create this toffee milk chocolate stout with a fluoro golden head.
Originally brewed for GABS 2019 as Violent Crumble. Rebranded with a new name, less Rock and no giant gorillas – same amount of bees and chocolate-toffee deliciousness though.
Like a big, honeycomb hug for your tongue, or a hug from big Jesusy Scotty Stapp.

Tunes: Creed - Human Clay
Highlight: What If?
Hidden Gem: Faceless Man
Beer Pairing: @dainton.beer Crumblicious Honeycomb and Toffee Stout


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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