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Bodriggy Brewing Co Utropia Pale Ale x Led Zeppelin IV - Stairway to Heaven

The darkest supernatural myth about Zeppelin's most mythic song is that if you play the recording backwards, you will hear Satanic messages encoded in Plant's vocals.

Robert Plant's the only one moving at normal speed on When the Levee Breaks. They slowed it down in the mix so it sounded really booming, In fact, The only sound on 'When the Levee Breaks' that's recorded in natural time is Plant's voice. Everything else is slowed down just a little bit to make it really heavy. Pink Floyd experiment in the same fashion and it's quite incredible.There are so many memories associated with this record, I couldnt put them all in here, feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.
For me, this was the first album I ever owned playing it as loud as is goes on my Sanyo tapedeck as a 7 year old kid. Ahh the good times!

Let now take a moment to learn about historical matters and the brewing process to make the brilliant UTROPIA PALE ALE. For Thomas More, Utopia was a land without lawyers, private ownership and where any religious person could live free and well. Unfortunately for Thomas More, he didn’t live in his imagined state and, less than two decades after publishing his political manifest, Henry VIII came for his head when More the Catholic wouldn’t get on board with the Protestant Reformation.
For Bodriggy, Utopia looks a little more like a world plastered in tropical hops and good times. It’s a sensation the brewery have looked to capture in a can with Utropia Pale Ale: a hazy pale with sessionability at its heart.
Utropia pours pale golden and, while Mosaic, Calypso and Azacca combine for a mix of lychee, guava and mango, it possesses a dry finish that balances out the beer's otherwise juicy mouthfeel. I swang past the brewpub yesterday to pick this can up and I've gotta say, the place was buzzing with atmosphere. Get down there this weekend. I mean, the artwork has a bird female humanoid skateboarding on it, if that doesn't scream Led Zep I don't know what does!

Record: Led Zeppelin IV
Highlight: Stairway To Heaven
Gem: When The LeevyBreaks
Beer Pairing: @bodriggybrewingco Utropia Pale Ale


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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