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Blackman's Brewery Needs More Amarillo or Ernie Tropical Pale Ale x Incubus - Just a Phase



Next up is a brilliant album from an amazing band, who incorporate funk, alternative rock, nu metal, jazz, hip hop and techno styles in their music. That band is @incubusofficial and the album is their fourth release Morning View.

The album has ambience, aggression and groove; is softer than other releases but not any less powerful. From the melodic power of the opening track "Nice To Know You", working its way through a wave of melody and power through tracks such as "Wish You Were Here", "Just A Phase" and "Are You In?"; this album always to satisfied and wanting to keep playing it over and over.

The album did very well in many countries, peaking at #2 in the US and selling over 2 million copies, #3 in Australia and Canada and #8 in New Zealand.

The most amazing part of this album, as with all @incubusofficial albums is Brandon Boyd's amazing lyrics. They really do match the melody and power of the music.

With that in mind, the beer matches have the same melody and power as the album. We've picked two as the first choice is a limited release, and a brilliant one at that. 

From @blackmansbrewery, the first pick is their latest same dayIPA release. The same day IPA brews are in shops the same day they are canned. Their latest release is Needs More Amarillo. This beer has been triple dry hopped with Yakima chief, amarillo t90 and amarillo cryo hops. The hops are great combination and make for a near perfect beer. 

The second choice from their regular range is the beer that has gone through a few style changes, but stacks up as a great brew. That beer is Ernie, which is now a Tropical Pale Ale. The tropical hop combo of Sabro, Azacca and Eldorado and the addition of wheat and oats to go with the malts used makes for a great unique hard rocking brew. Bit like the band really.

Album - @incubusofficial - Morning View
Standout Track - Wish You Were Here
Hidden Gem - Just A Phase
Beer Pairing - @blackmansbrewery Needs More Amarillo or Ernie Tropical Pale Ale


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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