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Black Hops Brewing Kiwi Fruit Soup x Linkin Park - Papercut

“Every crack of his voice had a story to tell. It was genuine, vulnerable, urgent, beautiful and hit you in the gut.”

While we are now trying to decide what Hybrid car to drive, back in 1999 we had to decide what Hybrid band to listen to. That's right, times were tough back then.

Chester was responsible for far more than fierce loyalty. With his input, Hybrid Theory’s lyrics took on far deeper and darker dimensions. Crawling, which the singer would later describe as the most technically challenging song for him to perform live, was no less strenuous on his emotions, dealing directly with his addictions to alcohol and a variety of drugs, particularly with the line ​‘These wounds, they will not heal’.
Hybrid Theory is nothing less than the best-selling rock album of the 21st century. The juggernaut Hybrid Theory as of today has sold 32 million copies, making it the biggest-selling debut since Appetite For Destruction by Guns N’ Roses 13 years earlier.
The hardest decision to make is to sing Bennington or Shinoda Lyrics for carpool karaoke?

Some beer talk, beacuse how good do the graphics look on this bad boy!? Well I'm here to tell you the contents are just as mouth watering..
Bursting with good time kiwi vibes like at a festival, this birthday beer is here to celebrate all things NZ. With fresh local feijoa and kiwi fruit followed by an onslaught of favourite New Zealand hops in the pot, we give you kiwi fruit soup. To be released on the 19th June, keep an eye out! Both the beer and the record are tasty as, so tuck in this long weekend.

Album - Hybrid Theory Linkin Park
Highlight - Papercut
Gem - Pushing Me Away
Brew - @blackhopsbeer Kiwi Fruit Soup - feijoa and kiwi fruited NZ hopped Hazy IPA. 🥝


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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