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Bicycle Craft Brewery Billow Maidens Kveik IPA x Live from Joshua Tree - Innerbloom


“People talk a lot of shit in the desert at 5am, but walking around this alien world at dawn, we definitely felt there was something calling us back out there.”

Inspired by a two-day writing trip at California’s Joshua Tree, dual Grammy Award-nominated electro trio Rufus Du Sol returned to play a live show in the desert in September last year. To absolutely nobody, apart from a film crew and a few cacti.
The stunningly beautiful and immersive set of almost mars like landscapes with glow sticks really looks like we have witnessed the future of music. The only let down was that they didn't have a lightsaber battle at the end. George Lucas will have to direct their next film clip.
The sounds these gents from Sydney is nothing short of incredible. Tyrone Lindqvist, the frontman has a haunting sound with unique lyrics that are still relatable. Even if you have never heard a by them, there's something deep, nostalgic and familiar that draws you in. The music grabs you and takes you on a journey and you have no choice but to surrender and submit to where the sound takes you. Innerbloom itself could be one of the greatest compositions we could hear in our lifetime.

We could only recommend a beer that takes you to unknown places, what better than some of my favourite brewing yeast and hops put into a minimalist style can graphic and what's inside, wow. Just take a look at the colour in the glass, brings a tear to my mouth.
Billow Maidens Kveik IPA - Nelson Sauvin & Azacca by Bicycle Craft Brewery. Named after the daughters of Aegir, the Norse God of brewing, BillowMaidens is a series of IPAs brewed with Ebbegarden Kveik, a yeast used in traditional Norwegian farmhouse brewing. Tropical flavours with light bitterness. Generously dry hopped for a bold aroma. Deep and slick just like Rufus or, Rüfus Du Sol or, whatever they are called. Jump in!

Album: @rufusdusol - Live from Joshua Tree
Highlight: Innerbloom
Gem: Desert Night
Beer: Billow Maidens Kveik IPA by @bicyclecraftbrewery

Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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