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Bells Beach Brewing Southside Saison x Xaiver Rudd - Whirlpool


Xavier Rudd is an Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Several of Rudd's songs incorporate socially conscious themes, such as spirituality, humanity, environmentalism and the rights of Indigenous Australians.
The champion is from Torquay, Victoria, Australia.
He can play Vocals, guitar, harmonica, yidaki, lap steel guitar, percussion, didgeridoo’s at the same time. I'm not kidding! The first time I saw him live, wow just mesmerising.
Wanna hear an embarrassing story? Of course you do. Well back in 2003, I was really getting into Xav's tunes but I'd never even seen a photo of him. At the Falls festival he was chilling at his campsite with his mates around a fire singing and playing guitar. Oblivious to the the fact that he was infact himself I walked past and said to his mates "his pretty good." Nothing but empty stares from his mates.. Then on the way back to the bar the penny dropped. Facepalm.

In more coastal fun, there was a Byron Bay wedding ceremony to Ashley Freeman, an Australian holistic wellness trainer. They just had their first bub together, Xav has put out a new track today called Stoney Creek be sure to check it out.

Rudd is known for his activism but what stands out to me was during his support of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Rudd is friends with Canadian environmentalist Paul Watson, who founded Sea Shepherd. In January 2010, Rudd was one of the last passengers aboard Sea Shepherd ship Ady Gil, days before it sank after a collision with the MV Shōnan Maru 2 Japanese whaling security vessel.

The saison style can be taken in many directions, from citrusy and floral to twisted and funky. The Bells Beach Southside Saison – the brewery's first ever release – plays a pretty straight bat, keeping things simple.There's some honey sweetness and fruity, deep citrus aromas too, not to mention a little yeast-derived perfume on the nose too. The beer's fruity side is augmented by subtle spices to taste while the saison yeast shoots a dryness through its midst too.

@xavierruddofficial - White Moth
Highlight - Better People
Gem - Whirlpool
Beer Pairing - @bellsbeachbrewing SOUTHSIDE SAISON


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