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Batch Brewing Company Summer Session Ale x Thrice - Red Telephone


Tunes today: Thrice Album: Beggars.
Ft. Frontman Dallas Green from solo act City & Colour (hense Dallas Green) and Alexisonfire.
A stunning album start to finish.
The studio was hacked and an early copy of the ablum was leaked to the public. The band pressed on with the release date, changed the album artwork and moved some tracks in and out. The final production is quite remarkable. Thrice discussing in great detail the direction they wanted to head after their previous creative yet sleepy album; The Alchemy Index. The fun upbeat tempos mixed with Dallas' rough, crocky and haunting melodies makes the right sound that only this band can pull off. Relatable lyrics and sing a long choruses makes this garage jamming band the perfect place to rest your ears at the end of a long work day.

For Friday knockoffs we have paired this album with @batchbrewingcompany The Summer Session Ale. It's yeast driven, inspired by traditional farmhouse ales while still showcasing the hops - closer to how easy-drinking beers used to be. Gentle banana and clove, tropical fruits and floral notes mingle together on the nose, but this isn't a beer you have to ponder too deeply. It's cloudy in the glass, soft in the mouth, and dry as a bone on the palate. A session ale a little different to the rest. A flavour much like my beloved all time favorites Schöfferhofer "forever in my heart" Hefeweizen and the tasty Hoegaarden.. just without the Coriander. Enjoy it gals and lads!

Highlight: At The Last
Gem: The Weight
Brew: @batchbrewingcompany Summer Session Ale


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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