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450 North Brewing Company Slushy Passionfruit Guava x Tenatious D Vs - Master Exploder


Cheeky Singles Post

Master Exploder By Tenatious D Vs
SLUSHY Passionfruit Guava by 450 North Brewing Company

One of the soundtrack songs off my favourite musical, The Pick of Destiny.
It's loud, it's fun it's well, quite rediculus. This song dives deep into the mind of Jack Black to what he imagines success looks like as a rock legend. If you haven't seen the movie do yourself a favour and at least chuck on the YouTube clip for Master Exploder for a bit of a treat. The movie contains many stars including Meat Loaf as Jack Blacks dad and even Dave Grohl as a very sexy satin. Jump aboard the comedy freak show!

Some beer talk for y'all
My first @450northbrewing experience was a banger. Breweries are using the Berliner Weisse style beer to create this type of fruit beer. It is being called many different things including: Slurpy, Popsicle, Smoothie, etc. These beers create an intensely fruit-forward beer with a pulp texture.
For those that have had the ability to try one you’ll know that these beers are truly pushing the limits of beer and redefining what it can be. Weird, colourful and a bit loopy, just like our man JB is.

Thanks for supporting live drinking.


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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